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We GUR-SU PLASTIC COMMERCE INDUSTR LTD one of the leading manufacturer and exporter for the sale PVC sewage water pipes and pressure water pipes.etc.Tools and equipment of spare partes to it's properties like being to handle and install strenght to corrosion or other chemical effects sales a net work and strict/inspection device a strong advance technology producing.

To our factory there are more than 7000 square meters of office building from up to Sewage water pipes and the thickness of 2.2 mm according to Turkish standarts proper 9001-2000 are made 3.2 mm - meet the quality certificate per TSE 275 also. We can produce special size pressure water pipes in demand.

We GUR-SU Plastic the enteprice has about 50. Specialized tecnical personel inculuding 40. Engeering with senior or medium rank professional titles our products PVC and is the most popular meterial used for making plastic pipe and and connected GLUE connection PVC pipes in different pressure ratings and fittings should be chosen. Accordingly Std PVC called ideal for sewage water pipes mouldings handshape parts suply the best Quality .